For Keenan, the string of mokihana held more than its strange scent.

August,1917. In the Dangerous Archipelago north of Tahiti,

Henry Kaimiloa Keenan is forced to beach his old schooner for repairs. The turmoil of World War seems far away until he meets a fugitive from German New Guinea.

Can Matildhe Kolbe be sure he will not give her up to the French authorities? Would Captain Johanssen give him the chance?

A vortex of jealousy and suspicion, Song of the Mokihana is also a lyrical tale of lovers from multi-cultural backgrounds, and the conflicting allegiances neither is prepared to abandon.

Against a panorama of grand trade wind seascapes, Matildhe and Keenan find occult and mystical influences are not entirely displaced by the strategic imperatives of the new century.